Alpha6 Institute of Multimedia, GN Mills,Coimbatore.

About Our Alpha6 Institute of Multimedia

We at ALPHA 6, the best multimedia training institute offers Design & Arts courses, Film Making courses, Recording & Mixing courses, 2D & 3D Animation courses, Music Production course and Visual FX. In the courses, related to Entertainment Industry Studies, the students study to tackle continual shifts in the operational, creative and economic demands of the ever-changing entertainment Industry. Our programs cover in-depth study of every core and advanced topic, related to the courses. You will be getting a completely practical exposure to the project-based environment, as we understand the power of self-exploration. Along with this, the courses will focus on the skills, theoretical aspects, ethics and business responsibilities.With excellent mentors to guide students, we have created a truly unique academic which has the potential to meet the expectations of young minds, seeking innovative and extra-ordinary careers.

Camp Specification

Our mission is to provide quality education to young learners, without compromising beliefs and values, to establish their spiritual, intellectual and social approach that shall lead them towards success. Our fundamental task is the education of the whole person, blending learning with faith and faith with daily life. We strive to engrave in our students.

Program Details

A culture of tolerance, where people of diverse identities are recognized, welcomed, respected and cherished. To use opportunities consistent with our values, to promote internationalism on a local and global stage. To create an environment where all feel safe and secure and can thrive. Our energy, innovation and dynamism will take us there.

Programs We Offered

Web Design Course is to add technologies and your beautifying skills together, which will result in elegant digital world with creative websites, pictures, videos, vectors and illustrations
Music Production course is designed to equip the composers, musicians with the extra-ordinary music production skills in order to make them market-ready with their musical abilities.
The Recording & Mixing course is designed to make students contribute in, study and investigate the practical applications of audio engineering
Visual FX Course empowers you with the ability to produce awesome effects and realistic environments. The “next to impossible” things are made to look possible by giving the visual effects to the movies or other artworks
Photography is an art of expressing the emotions through the beauty of images in a creative way.
If you want to make a living by creating cartoons & characters, building models, this course is for you. 2D & 3D Animation Courses will give you the power to create your own virtual world with all creatures and architectures you want.
Film-making course of ALPHA 6 Training covers the cinematography, video editingtraining, acting, sound, production, direction and production design to built a complete understanding of the discipline which includes Post-production Training and Pre-Production Training.
Our Design & Art course is to mold your innovative mind to produce the best ever pieces of digital arts. Your creativity and our guidance will be magical combination.